I’ve Got The Post Trip Blues

  Cue the guitar cause I’ve got the blues. I’m home after two wonderful weeks in Ireland and I’m a little bummed. This is normal, right? When you’re planning a trip the anticipation is overwhelming. Anything is possible. Oh, the things you’ll do and see! When you’re on the trip you’re blown away. Each dayContinue reading “I’ve Got The Post Trip Blues”

Ha’penny Bridge – Dublin, Ireland

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I snapped a few pictures of the sights at Dublin’s Ha’penny Bridge. Ha’penny Bridge was built in 1816 and crosses over the River Liffey. In years past, the bridge was covered in ‘love locks’. However, Dublin City Council began removing them in 2012 due to maintenance concerns. They asked peopleContinue reading “Ha’penny Bridge – Dublin, Ireland”

Parisian Christmas Markets – A Photo Gallery

Paris during Christmas is a whimsical place. Holiday markets dot the streets peddling sweets, mulled wine and pretty much any other food you can imagine. At night, the city twinkles with millions of lights. Top it off with ferris wheels, carousals and, of course, the Eiffel Tower and it’s quite clear why Paris the perfectContinue reading “Parisian Christmas Markets – A Photo Gallery”

A Walk Down Paris’ Famous Ru Cler

Ru Cler is a small pedestrian street in Paris that boasts a variety of specialty shops. The beauty of Ru Cler is that it’s a one-stop-shop for preparing the perfect meal. Everything you need can be found on this small street; wine, cheese, meats, fruits, even flowers for the table. If shopping proves to beContinue reading “A Walk Down Paris’ Famous Ru Cler”

Taking A Trip In Amsterdam – My First Experience Smoking Pot

People asked why I was going to Amsterdam, and I’d jokingly tell them that it was for the hookers and weed. But the real reason? Art. At age 30 I was a well-seasoned world traveler, and Amsterdam had been on my bucket list for long enough. It was time to pay a visit to the cityContinue reading “Taking A Trip In Amsterdam – My First Experience Smoking Pot”

RIP Maya Angelou

News of Maya Angelou’s passing causes me, just like millions of others around the world, to reflect on the great poet’s life and work. She turned her experiences, both good and bad, into powerful words that resonated with so many. Her words were so purposeful and through them she provided hope and encouragement to soContinue reading “RIP Maya Angelou”

The #YesAllWomen Campaign And Safety Concerns For Women Travelers

Days after a California man with a well documented grudge against women went on a killing spree Twitter exploded with #YesAllWomen, a campaign designed to shed light on the daily struggles all women face. After reading and identifying with statement after statement I decided to take a look back at my travels and reveal whatContinue reading “The #YesAllWomen Campaign And Safety Concerns For Women Travelers”

My Top 5 Most Helpful Posts, So Far.

I started this blog back in 2010 to inspire people to get out and see the world. Below are my most helpful posts from over the years. Enjoy! 1. How to Get Your Pass Passport in 24 Hours or Less For Real!! This is you one-stop-shop for obtaining your passport in a hurry.   2.Continue reading “My Top 5 Most Helpful Posts, So Far.”

My 5 Most Romantic Trips (and why)

Kauai, Hawaii While visiting Oahu, I thought it’d be fun to take a side trip to Kauai even though I didn’t think it was possible for Hawaii to be any more beautiful than what I had already seen.  Man, was I wrong. Kauai is like being inside one of those motivational posters with a cheesyContinue reading “My 5 Most Romantic Trips (and why)”