Six Great Hairstyles For On-The-Go Girls

Leave the hairspray and curling irons at home. Here are some super cute, yet incredibly easy hairstyles to try while traveling. 1. This easy bun keeps your hair out of your face and looks super trendy, 2. A simple yet interesting pony tail. 3. All you need is a head band (and maybe some bobbyContinue reading “Six Great Hairstyles For On-The-Go Girls”

My Top 5 Most Helpful Posts, So Far.

I started this blog back in 2010 to inspire people to get out and see the world. Below are my most helpful posts from over the years. Enjoy! 1. How to Get Your Pass Passport in 24 Hours or Less For Real!! This is you one-stop-shop for obtaining your passport in a hurry.   2.Continue reading “My Top 5 Most Helpful Posts, So Far.”

My 5 Most Romantic Trips (and why)

Kauai, Hawaii While visiting Oahu, I thought it’d be fun to take a side trip to Kauai even though I didn’t think it was possible for Hawaii to be any more beautiful than what I had already seen.  Man, was I wrong. Kauai is like being inside one of those motivational posters with a cheesyContinue reading “My 5 Most Romantic Trips (and why)”

Tongue Tied – Overcoming The Language Barrier in Brazil

When my husband James and I  got an opportunity to move to Brazil for several months with his company we decided to make a major change in our lives, selling everything we owned to be free to travel for years to come. All of a sudden my days consisted of packing, selling and donating ourContinue reading “Tongue Tied – Overcoming The Language Barrier in Brazil”

Don’t Waste Time In Line

My biggest tip for travelers is to plan ahead. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did when you are passing hundreds of tourists waiting in line at the hottest attraction because you bought your ticket ahead of time. First off, think about where you want to visit and see if a Museum Pass or CityPass wouldContinue reading “Don’t Waste Time In Line”

My European Packing List – Winter 2013

Here is a sneak peak at what I’m bringing on my trip to Europe. I’ll be gone for two weeks and traveling between three countries (Paris, Amsterdam & London). My main objective was to pack pieces that are light and versatile. A good rule of thumb is If it can’t be worn at least twoContinue reading “My European Packing List – Winter 2013”

Olinda, Brazil – The Sights and Sounds of the Beautiful

It has been said that when explorer Duarte Coelho Pereira first laid eyes on a small area of land situated on a hill in the Northeast of Brazil his first words were, “Oh, Linda,” meaning “Oh, Beautiful” in Portuguese. That was just the beginning of how the town of Olinda became the first European settlementContinue reading “Olinda, Brazil – The Sights and Sounds of the Beautiful”

SkyView: Atlanta’s Newest Attraction – Check It Out!

The great city of Atlanta has a new addition to its skyline in the form of a 200-foot ferris wheel called SkyView and it’s pretty darn fancy. Each climate-controlled gondola can hold up to 6 people, with 42 gondolas that’s a whopping 252 people who can enjoy the 15-minute ride simultaneously. Impressive, right? It mayContinue reading “SkyView: Atlanta’s Newest Attraction – Check It Out!”

Get To Know Chicago

Your first visit to Chicago should definitely include a trip to the Chicago Cultural Center (78 E Washington St.). Since opening in 1887, this landmark serves as the official reception venue where the Mayor welcomes all of the city’s most  important visitors from presidents and royalty to community leaders and diplomats. While some pretty impressiveContinue reading “Get To Know Chicago”

Tim’s Walking Tour of Porto Alegre, Brazil

There’s no better way to spend your first day in a new city than by foot. Lucky for James and I, Thoughtworker Tim Cochran was familiar with our current city of Porto Alegre and offered to show a small group of us  around via a walking tour.     We met at Mercado Publico CentralContinue reading “Tim’s Walking Tour of Porto Alegre, Brazil”