Parisian Christmas Markets – A Photo Gallery

Paris during Christmas is a whimsical place. Holiday markets dot the streets peddling sweets, mulled wine and pretty much any other food you can imagine. At night, the city twinkles with millions of lights. Top it off with ferris wheels, carousals and, of course, the Eiffel Tower and it’s quite clear why Paris the perfectContinue reading “Parisian Christmas Markets – A Photo Gallery”

A Walk Down Paris’ Famous Ru Cler

Ru Cler is a small pedestrian street in Paris that boasts a variety of specialty shops. The beauty of Ru Cler is that it’s a one-stop-shop for preparing the perfect meal. Everything you need can be found on this small street; wine, cheese, meats, fruits, even flowers for the table. If shopping proves to beContinue reading “A Walk Down Paris’ Famous Ru Cler”

London’s Borough Market – A Photo Gallery

When I told people that I was going to London their list of suggestions always included Borough Market ( 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL). Perhaps the most popular market in London (as well as one of the largest and oldest), this venue features the best in local and international fare. My biggest piece of adviceContinue reading “London’s Borough Market – A Photo Gallery”

Sweet Eats in New Orleans, LA

Last week I posted my Top 10 Must Eats for New Orleans, La but there’s a whole other world of food when it comes to desserts. Here is my list for Top 10 Sweet Treats. This list has been tested and approved by several of my friends visiting for the first time so I guaranteeContinue reading “Sweet Eats in New Orleans, LA”

Shrimp & Grits in South Carolina – Chefs in Charleston Have Found Their Own Way of Giving New Life to an Old Classic

There are several things you’re sure to run into during a visit to Charleston, S.C.; friendly conversation with strangers, spooky tales of haunted places and Shrimp & Grits. The third should be no surprise as grits were declared the official state food of South Carolina in 1976. But the history of this delicacy dates muchContinue reading “Shrimp & Grits in South Carolina – Chefs in Charleston Have Found Their Own Way of Giving New Life to an Old Classic”

Must Eats In New Orleans, LA

It’s Mardi Gras season in New Orleans, LA which means visitors will be swarming to this amazing city for the parades, music and food. This has prompted me to share my list of Top Ten Things that you absolutely must try when visiting the Big Easy. I originally put this list together for the websiteContinue reading “Must Eats In New Orleans, LA”

Atlanta’s Food Truck Park Is Ready For You

Whoever came up with the idea of selling fast and tasty gourmet food from a truck was a freakin genius and I love them for it. Gone are the days of shady hot dog vendors being the only option for a fast treat and it couldn’t have come soon enough for me as the smellContinue reading “Atlanta’s Food Truck Park Is Ready For You”

It’s Restaurant Delivery Week In NYC!

I stayed out pretty late last night enjoying the entertainment at Vlada Bar so today was a pretty chill day which consisted of some leisurely walking around Columbus Circle and the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. I was trying to decide if I wanted to wander out for dinner or order delivery and finally get aroundContinue reading “It’s Restaurant Delivery Week In NYC!”

Lunch in a Brazilian Favela

  Any good traveler knows that whatever city you may be visiting, if a local  invites you to a meal at their favorite establishment you don’t ask questions. Just assume that they know what they’re talking about and enjoy the insider knowledge. That’s exactly what I did when an offer to eat lunch with someContinue reading “Lunch in a Brazilian Favela”

You Can Find It At The Beach in Boa Viagem

Perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Recife, Brazil is the beach in Boa Viagem.  Known for having one of the most visited “urban beaches” in northeastern Brazil, there are miles of sand and ocean on one side and skyscrapers as far as the eye can see on the other. The upkeep along Avenida BoaContinue reading “You Can Find It At The Beach in Boa Viagem”