The Eiffel Tower Every Which Way

The Eiffel Tower is hands down one of the most photographed structures in the world. It would be quite cocky for someone with a camera to think they could swoop in and take some earth-shattering, undiscovered angle that would blow everyone away. I knew this yet every time I would glance up and see thisContinue reading “The Eiffel Tower Every Which Way”

Don’t Waste Time In Line

My biggest tip for travelers is to plan ahead. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did when you are passing hundreds of tourists waiting in line at the hottest attraction because you bought your ticket ahead of time. First off, think about where you want to visit and see if a Museum Pass or CityPass wouldContinue reading “Don’t Waste Time In Line”

Street Art In Shoreditch

During my last couple of days in London I rented an apartment in the Shoreditch area (See A New Way To Stay). A friend of mine who lives in the city was nice enough to spend a day showing me around. Situated in the East End of London, within the Borough of Hackney, this area seemsContinue reading “Street Art In Shoreditch”

Running Low on Fuel

This post is more of an observation after almost two weeks of traveling through Europe. When you’re planning a multi-destination trip try and think ahead to how you’re likely to feel in the last days of said trip. You may want to plan so that your OK with your last destination being more laid-back. TheContinue reading “Running Low on Fuel”