Take a bite out of Europe

I’ve always been a picky eater but over the years have become more open to trying new things. This benefits me greatly when I travel. I love when I’m in a new place and they stick with what they know best. Many time this means using local, fresh ingredients.This is why taking a European foodContinue reading “Take a bite out of Europe”

Backpacking through Europe

This is a dream of mine for two reasons: First, I want to experience the excitement of traveling between countries on a whim. Secondly, I really want to try my hand at minimalism. Backpacking through Europe seems to be a great way to accomplish both. Now I know that it won’t be easy ( IContinue reading “Backpacking through Europe”

Take It Off – Baring It All On a Nude Beach!

This one will certainly be a test of my will because, like many other women, I’m very self-conscious about my body. I do feel, however that the experience will be a very liberating and exciting one. I accept the fact that I won’t be the best looking but I can’t possibly be the worse either,Continue reading “Take It Off – Baring It All On a Nude Beach!”