Tongue Tied – Overcoming The Language Barrier in Brazil

When my husband James and I  got an opportunity to move to Brazil for several months with his company we decided to make a major change in our lives, selling everything we owned to be free to travel for years to come. All of a sudden my days consisted of packing, selling and donating ourContinue reading “Tongue Tied – Overcoming The Language Barrier in Brazil”

Olinda, Brazil – The Sights and Sounds of the Beautiful

It has been said that when explorer Duarte Coelho Pereira first laid eyes on a small area of land situated on a hill in the Northeast of Brazil his first words were, “Oh, Linda,” meaning “Oh, Beautiful” in Portuguese. That was just the beginning of how the town of Olinda became the first European settlementContinue reading “Olinda, Brazil – The Sights and Sounds of the Beautiful”

Tim’s Walking Tour of Porto Alegre, Brazil

There’s no better way to spend your first day in a new city than by foot. Lucky for James and I, Thoughtworker Tim Cochran was familiar with our current city of Porto Alegre and offered to show a small group of us  around via a walking tour.     We met at Mercado Publico CentralContinue reading “Tim’s Walking Tour of Porto Alegre, Brazil”

Lunch in a Brazilian Favela

  Any good traveler knows that whatever city you may be visiting, if a local  invites you to a meal at their favorite establishment you don’t ask questions. Just assume that they know what they’re talking about and enjoy the insider knowledge. That’s exactly what I did when an offer to eat lunch with someContinue reading “Lunch in a Brazilian Favela”

You Can Find It At The Beach in Boa Viagem

Perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Recife, Brazil is the beach in Boa Viagem.  Known for having one of the most visited “urban beaches” in northeastern Brazil, there are miles of sand and ocean on one side and skyscrapers as far as the eye can see on the other. The upkeep along Avenida BoaContinue reading “You Can Find It At The Beach in Boa Viagem”

A Weekend at Chicken Harbour – Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

This past weekend was spent in Porto de Galinhas which is translated as Chicken Harbour. It’s name is derived from it’s history as a harbor for incoming slaves. During the end of the 19th century the city of Recife began restrictions on the commerce of slaves so nearby ports were used instead. It was prohibitedContinue reading “A Weekend at Chicken Harbour – Porto de Galinhas, Brazil”

A Weekend In Natal, Brazil

During our first full weekend in Brazil James and I, along with several of James’ coworkers, took a road trip to the nearby town of Natal. Just four hours North of Recife, this popular beach town was founded on December 25, 1599 and therefore appropriately named Natal, which means Nativity or Christmas in Portuguese. RainContinue reading “A Weekend In Natal, Brazil”

First weekend in Recife, Brazil

James and I arrived in Recife, Brazil on a Saturday shortly after lunch. One of James’ co-workers met us at the airport and brought us to our new apartment. As we drove through the city my first feeling was intimidation. I immediately wondered what I had gotten myself into. It was loud and busy withContinue reading “First weekend in Recife, Brazil”