Life’s A Bitch And Then You Die.

Life’s a bitch and then you die. My dad always said this. While it may sound like the epitome of pessimism, it was just his dose of reality. His way of reminding us that we all have the same fate to look forward to. It’s how you live your life and treat others that matters.Continue reading “Life’s A Bitch And Then You Die.”

Get To Know Chicago

Your first visit to Chicago should definitely include a trip to the Chicago Cultural Center (78 E Washington St.). Since opening in 1887, this landmark serves as the official reception venue where the Mayor welcomes all of the city’s most  important visitors from presidents and royalty to community leaders and diplomats. While some pretty impressiveContinue reading “Get To Know Chicago”

Tim’s Walking Tour of Porto Alegre, Brazil

There’s no better way to spend your first day in a new city than by foot. Lucky for James and I, Thoughtworker Tim Cochran was familiar with our current city of Porto Alegre and offered to show a small group of us  around via a walking tour.     We met at Mercado Publico CentralContinue reading “Tim’s Walking Tour of Porto Alegre, Brazil”

Lunch in a Brazilian Favela

  Any good traveler knows that whatever city you may be visiting, if a local  invites you to a meal at their favorite establishment you don’t ask questions. Just assume that they know what they’re talking about and enjoy the insider knowledge. That’s exactly what I did when an offer to eat lunch with someContinue reading “Lunch in a Brazilian Favela”

You Can Find It At The Beach in Boa Viagem

Perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Recife, Brazil is the beach in Boa Viagem.  Known for having one of the most visited “urban beaches” in northeastern Brazil, there are miles of sand and ocean on one side and skyscrapers as far as the eye can see on the other. The upkeep along Avenida BoaContinue reading “You Can Find It At The Beach in Boa Viagem”

Havaianas or iPanema’s?

Living near the ocean is magical. There’s sand, sun, tropical drinks and flip-flops. Lots and lots of flip flops. If the women here aren’t teetering in the highest of heels (which they love) then they are doing the complete opposite with a pair of comfy, colorful flippy floppy’s. In Brazil the brands of choice areContinue reading “Havaianas or iPanema’s?”

My Top 10 On-The-Go Must Haves

  You can tell a lot about a woman by peeking inside her bag. Just as animal crackers and a rattles are a telltale sign of a busy mom,  My bag reveals an on-the-go traveler who tries to always be prepared for whatever situation may arise. Here is what I never leave home without: 1.Continue reading “My Top 10 On-The-Go Must Haves”

Old Town Bay St. Louis – My Favorite Small Town

This small Mississippi coastal town has a special place in my heart. I grew up in a nearby suburb but historic “Old Town” was always a short drive away. The best thing about this quirky little area is that there isn’t much more to do than eat, stroll and laze. No busy itinerary to keepContinue reading “Old Town Bay St. Louis – My Favorite Small Town”

So Much To See In The USA

James and I will be going to Rio de Janeiro in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to experience all of the sights and sounds for myself. While I’m not looking forward to the 3 a.m. flight I can’t imagine having lived in Brazil for this long and not going to the mostContinue reading “So Much To See In The USA”