Ireland Beer Trip – Day 4 – Irish AF

On the fourth day of our trip, our group of super awesome beer nerds was headed northwest to Galway for a few days. A little over 3 hours of driving was broken up the best way possible, with castles and beer. Our first stop was a stroll around Cahir Castle in County Tipperary. Situated onContinue reading “Ireland Beer Trip – Day 4 – Irish AF”

Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Photo Gallery

It’s spring in Atlanta and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate then by taking a stroll through the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I loved looking at the flowers and plants through my camera lens and experimenting with different angles and perspectives. I hope you enjoy the images that I compiled in the photo galleryContinue reading “Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Photo Gallery”

Ireland Beer Trip – Day 3 – Wexford, I hardly knew ya’!

Day 3 was pretty chill. This is the day that we left good ‘ole Dublin for greener pastures. We had our bags packed and were ready to board our bus at 8am. That’s where Barry (the bus driver) entered our lives and he’ll be a better man for it, I’m sure. This bus is theContinue reading “Ireland Beer Trip – Day 3 – Wexford, I hardly knew ya’!”

Ireland Beer Trip – Day 2 – Oscar and Molly Sittin’ in a Tree…..

It’s day two! Everyone is well rested and fatigue is but a distant memory. We’re ready to hit the ground running – for the most part – and the biggest item on our itinerary for the day is visiting the infamous Guinness Brewery. We’re ready. On the way, we took a leisurely walk through St.Continue reading “Ireland Beer Trip – Day 2 – Oscar and Molly Sittin’ in a Tree…..”

Ireland Beer Trip – Day 1- Jet Lag, Whiskey & Booze

Every year, Owen Ogletree of Brewtopia Events organizes a special trip comprised of Craft Beer Professionals and enthusiasts. While this has been a tradition for quite sometime, I have only been privy to these heavenly getaways for the last two years. The goal is to explore the craft beer culture of another country. It’s aContinue reading “Ireland Beer Trip – Day 1- Jet Lag, Whiskey & Booze”

I’ve Got The Post Trip Blues

  Cue the guitar cause I’ve got the blues. I’m home after two wonderful weeks in Ireland and I’m a little bummed. This is normal, right? When you’re planning a trip the anticipation is overwhelming. Anything is possible. Oh, the things you’ll do and see! When you’re on the trip you’re blown away. Each dayContinue reading “I’ve Got The Post Trip Blues”

Ha’penny Bridge – Dublin, Ireland

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I snapped a few pictures of the sights at Dublin’s Ha’penny Bridge. Ha’penny Bridge was built in 1816 and crosses over the River Liffey. In years past, the bridge was covered in ‘love locks’. However, Dublin City Council began removing them in 2012 due to maintenance concerns. They asked peopleContinue reading “Ha’penny Bridge – Dublin, Ireland”

Mother, Daughter, Pasta, Wine – Our Italian Getaway (Pre-Trip Interview)

My mother and I leave for Italy in 3 days! While I am a seasoned traveler this will be my mom’s very first visit to another country. I can’t wait for her to see the Colosseum and drink Italian coffee. I think that my mom will learn so much about me on this trip. She’sContinue reading “Mother, Daughter, Pasta, Wine – Our Italian Getaway (Pre-Trip Interview)”

Parisian Christmas Markets – A Photo Gallery

Paris during Christmas is a whimsical place. Holiday markets dot the streets peddling sweets, mulled wine and pretty much any other food you can imagine. At night, the city twinkles with millions of lights. Top it off with ferris wheels, carousals and, of course, the Eiffel Tower and it’s quite clear why Paris the perfectContinue reading “Parisian Christmas Markets – A Photo Gallery”