Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Photo Gallery

It’s spring in Atlanta and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate then by taking a stroll through the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I loved looking at the flowers and plants through my camera lens and experimenting with different angles and perspectives. I hope you enjoy the images that I compiled in the photo galleryContinue reading “Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Photo Gallery”

Ha’penny Bridge – Dublin, Ireland

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I snapped a few pictures of the sights at Dublin’s Ha’penny Bridge. Ha’penny Bridge was built in 1816 and crosses over the River Liffey. In years past, the bridge was covered in ‘love locks’. However, Dublin City Council began removing them in 2012 due to maintenance concerns. They asked peopleContinue reading “Ha’penny Bridge – Dublin, Ireland”

Today, I Marched. Atlanta Woman’s March For Social Justice (Photo Gallery)

On January 21, 2017 Civil Right’s icon, John Lewis, led the charge at the Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women saying, “When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just; you have a moral obligation to say something, to do something. We cannot afford to be silent.” Silent we were not.Continue reading “Today, I Marched. Atlanta Woman’s March For Social Justice (Photo Gallery)”

Dragon Con 2016

I decided to trek into Downtown Atlanta and check out the Dragon Con Festivities this year. While I’ve lived in this city since 2008, I’ve never ventured into this particular event before. I’ve always figured that it wasn’t my thing. However, I quickly realized that Dragon Con can be enjoyed by everyone. While I didn’t recognizeContinue reading “Dragon Con 2016”

Parisian Christmas Markets – A Photo Gallery

Paris during Christmas is a whimsical place. Holiday markets dot the streets peddling sweets, mulled wine and pretty much any other food you can imagine. At night, the city twinkles with millions of lights. Top it off with ferris wheels, carousals and, of course, the Eiffel Tower and it’s quite clear why Paris the perfectContinue reading “Parisian Christmas Markets – A Photo Gallery”

A Walk Down Paris’ Famous Ru Cler

Ru Cler is a small pedestrian street in Paris that boasts a variety of specialty shops. The beauty of Ru Cler is that it’s a one-stop-shop for preparing the perfect meal. Everything you need can be found on this small street; wine, cheese, meats, fruits, even flowers for the table. If shopping proves to beContinue reading “A Walk Down Paris’ Famous Ru Cler”

London’s Borough Market – A Photo Gallery

When I told people that I was going to London their list of suggestions always included Borough Market ( 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL). Perhaps the most popular market in London (as well as one of the largest and oldest), this venue features the best in local and international fare. My biggest piece of adviceContinue reading “London’s Borough Market – A Photo Gallery”

Two Pictures, Same Spot

The two pictures below are of the exact same spot at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Ga. The top picture was taken on November 2, 2013 and the bottom just a few days ago (Jan. 28, 2014) during a Winter Storm that has been dubbed Snowpocalypse. When I set out in the cold with my camera it was forContinue reading “Two Pictures, Same Spot”