The First Female President Of The United States

Maybe the first female President of the United States has tattoos and a purple streak in her hair. Maybe she lifts her middle finger high when a man tells her to “smile”. Maybe she’s had an abortion, smokes too many cigarettes and takes too many selfies. Maybe she sings in the car to Beyonce andContinue reading “The First Female President Of The United States”

Donald Trump To Be 45th President Of The United States

Donald Trump will be our next President. I didn’t think it was possible. In fact, I was pretty damn cocky. How could I not be? Pundits, pollsters, politicians (REPUBLICAN politicians) all told me that a Donald Trump presidency was not something I had to worry about. Now, it’s a reality that I cannot wrap myContinue reading “Donald Trump To Be 45th President Of The United States”

Mother, Daughter, Pasta, Wine – Our Italian Getaway (Pre-Trip Interview)

My mother and I leave for Italy in 3 days! While I am a seasoned traveler this will be my mom’s very first visit to another country. I can’t wait for her to see the Colosseum and drink Italian coffee. I think that my mom will learn so much about me on this trip. She’sContinue reading “Mother, Daughter, Pasta, Wine – Our Italian Getaway (Pre-Trip Interview)”

Dragon Con 2016

I decided to trek into Downtown Atlanta and check out the Dragon Con Festivities this year. While I’ve lived in this city since 2008, I’ve never ventured into this particular event before. I’ve always figured that it wasn’t my thing. However, I quickly realized that Dragon Con can be enjoyed by everyone. While I didn’t recognizeContinue reading “Dragon Con 2016”

If I Die Tomorrow – A How To Guide

I grew up in a church that spewed fire and brimstone week after week. We were taught that the world was going to end soon. Jesus was coming for a very specific people and while I tried so hard to be a good “Christian”, I wasn’t confident that I’d be one of the chosen. TheContinue reading “If I Die Tomorrow – A How To Guide”

Let’s Not Close Our Hearts (and minds) To Syrian Refugees

If you are an American and you’re reading this then there’s a good chance that at some point in the past your ancestors made a brave journey to a new land. Some of them were welcome and some were not. For many, it was an easy transition but for most it was probably very difficultContinue reading “Let’s Not Close Our Hearts (and minds) To Syrian Refugees”

The Weird New World of Dating

I’m sitting at my local bar in Atlanta. One of the waitresses just got off and she sits on the stool next to me. We’re enjoying banter with the bartenders and the topic of conversation gradually shifts to relationships, or more specifically, our longest relationships. Everyone shares their number; the average is three years. TommyContinue reading “The Weird New World of Dating”