10 Signs That I’m A Big City Girl

Times Square was crowded as usual.
Times Square, crowded as usual.

I spent most of my childhood in a small town called Waveland, MS. When I was 21-years-old I moved to Seattle, WA to escape the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This was the first time I had ever lived out of the south and the culture shock was great. Until then, the only languages I had ever heard were English and occasionally Spanish. I had never seen someone wear a turban on their head or any other type of ethnic clothing for that matter. Everything was so different than what I was used to.

I quickly learned that not everyone wanted to engage in conversation while on the elevator (go figure), saying “ya’ll” got you laughed at and my southern-cajun accent was hard to understand.

Since then I’ve traveled (and lived) in many cities and boy have I learned a lot. For instance, I can now take a hint when someone doesn’t want to engage in small talk (even though I’ll never understand why). I know that I have to speak up or I’ll never get anywhere and I can hail a cab with the best of them.

While I grew up in a small town I’m a big city girl through and through. I’ve rounded up 10 Signs that make is obvious that buying a house in the country will never be for me and I won’t be moving back home anytime soon. Sorry mom.

1. I hate driving

For me, getting behind the wheel of a car is pretty much the worse thing ever. I’m a very cautious driver; I don’t speed or switch lanes with ease. This means I get honked at and flipped off on a regular basis. I would much rather rely on public transit to get me where I need to go. In fact, reliable public transit is the biggest lure to big city living for me.

2. I love A Good Walk

Say I want to catch a movie but the nearest theater is two miles away. This is no problem for me if I’m in a big city. You’d be surprised how fast it goes by when there’s so much going on around you. That same distance in a small town is a different story, however. Two miles may as well be 20 when there’s no people, food vendors, musicians, sculptures, etc. to entertain you.

3. Ethnic Food Is Where It’s At

Eating is like a hobby of mine which is totally fine when you’re a walking fool like I am. The town I grew up in had a very small selection of foods to choose from: Seafood (It was situated on the Gulf of Mexico), Fast Food, Mexican, Chinese Buffet, Pizza (but only Domino’s and Pizza Hut) and that’s it. Funny thing happened when I grew up and moved to big cities. I found out very quickly that I loved ethnic food. All of it; Thai, Japanese, Indian, Brazilian, French. All. Of. It. Now, I love taking my nieces and nephews to try all of these different flavors when they come to visit. Usually, they enjoy it just as much as I do.

4. I Enjoy Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone

I’m not saying that people in small town don’t also enjoy this but I think it’s important to be flexible if you’re going to live in a big city. I’m a pretty adventurous person. I love striking up conversations with strangers and/or exploring a new areas by myself. Being shy or stand-offish won’t get you far in the city. I actually credit my welcoming and bold personality to the fact that I grew up in a small, friendly Southern town.

5. Sometimes I Eat Dinner at 10 p.m.

I know I’m crazy but every now and then hunger doesn’t strike until late at night. Back home, my only options would be a Mickey D’s drive through or Taco Bell (both of which I hate.) In the big city. however, my options aren’t very limited. In fact, it usually seems as if everyone else had the same idea because many bars and restaurants are pretty packed late into the night.

6. Food Delivery Is The Best Thing Ever

Food is a big part of why I love big city life. Combine that fact that I love all types of food (see # 3) and sometimes eat pretty late (see # 5). Now factor in that I can have pretty much ANYTHING delivered to my front door at all hours of the day or night. Awesome, right? I once had a pint of Ben & Jerry’s delivered at 11:30 p.m. That’s not lazy, it’s taking advantage of an opportunity.

7. I Enjoy Noise

I love the sounds of a big city. Car horns lull me to sleep. Crickets, not so much. Noise proves that life is going on around me and it’s a beautiful thing. My favorite place to write is a busy coffee shop. Grounds grinding, keyboards clicking and people chattering help me focus. Put me in a quiet room with nothing but my thoughts and I’m useless.

8. I Get Easily Bored

This may not come as much of a surprise after reading my previous points but I am always looking forward to the next thing. I’m not really a fan of this trait, I wish that I could better enjoy what’s going on at the time. As I’m getting ready for my day I’m already thinking about who may be available to meet for dinner. This is the perfect segue to number 9.

9. I’m A Social Butterfly 

I love having a full calendar of things to do. Museums, comedy shows, theater, dinner dates, happy hours, trips, etc. This is so easy to do in a big city. There is always something going on. Growing up, I did a lot of staring at walls. As an adult, living in big cities is like a dream come true.

10. I don’t scare easy 

I don’t get intimidated asking strangers for directions or standing up for myself when I encounter a rude person. In fact, not a lot shakes me up; getting lost, smelly sidewalks, strangers yelling at me. Bring it on, I can handle it. Living in a big city brings surprises on a daily basis and I find each and everyone of them invigorating.

Do you prefer big cities or small towns? Why?

Published by Ashley Zoerner

I'm originally from New Orleans, LA and grew up in the nearby town of Waveland, MS. I graduated from Georgia State University with a communications degree in 2010. Since then I've traveled the country and world meeting the most interesting people. My dream is to tell people's stories and share my passions with the world.

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