Atlanta Snow Storm 2014 – It’s Real Folks!

If you’ve been watching the news here in the U.S. then you’ve probably heard of a little situation in the Atlanta, Georgia area that some are referring to as “Snowpocalypse”. While this may seem a bit dramatic to you Chicagoan’s keep in mind that the city of Atlanta (and surrounding areas) was not at all prepared for what has occurred here. I have friends who have been stuck on the roads for over 18 hours trying to get home. Cars have been abandoned and even babies, yes babies, have been born on the icy streets. OK, one baby so far.

I decided to take a walk around and get some pictures of the Midtown area. I walked down Peachtree Street towards Piedmont Park. Everything was quite beautiful covered in white. I just hate that the snow has caused so many problems for so many people. My hope for today is that everyone who is still stuck on the roads make it home safe.

2 thoughts on “Atlanta Snow Storm 2014 – It’s Real Folks!

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