Take It Off – Baring It All On a Nude Beach!

This one will certainly be a test of my will because, like many other women, I’m very self-conscious about my body. I do feel, however that the experience will be a very liberating and exciting one. I accept the fact that I won’t be the best looking but I can’t possibly be the worse either, right?

Not that going au natural is an excuse to gawk at those around me but I’m sure that seeing different shapes and sizes being so comfortable in their skin would be a beautiful thing.

As far as where I’d like to bare it all, Greece or Brazil wouldn’t be bad locations. However, if the opportunity presents itself elsewhere then so be it.

Perhaps the next time I find myself in Hawaii I’ll head to Little Beach on the island of Maui where nudists have gravitated for years despite the fact that nudity is officially illegal.

My husband said that he’d join me in this adventure so I’m excited to one day share the experience with him. Who knows, maybe we’ll become seasoned nudists and hop around the world looking forward to the next place to drop our trousers!

Travel Worthy Pants

I appreciate when I find a piece of clothing that is both comfortable and stylish. My appreciation goes even further when it is also a great article for traveling. In my opinion, This Linen Beach Pant from Victoria’s Secret embodies all the above-mentioned qualities.

Not only are they adorable for a day of exploring but also this is the type of pant that you can crumple up and throw in your suitcase without a second thought. In fact, I think they look even better with a couple of wrinkles.

They sit low on the waist and have a drawstring tie so you literally just slip them on and head out the door. I also like that they are available in longer lengths and don’t break the bank. Currently, a mere $29.50 can get a pair of these travel-friendly pants.

Six colors are available online. I purchased a pair in spicy red and the only problem that I’ve had is that the color looked much different in person. They look more orange than red. The good news is that they still look good.

My Favorite Comfy Shoes

My Sperry Boat Shoes are not only one of my favorite things but also one of my most used. Don’t be fooled by the name because this shoe is not just for the open sea,  mine have never touched a boat deck actually.

The reason that I absolutely love this shoe is because it is the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn. I do a lot of walking and any other shoe that I’ve tried just doesn’t do the trick quite like this one.

A big factor in my love for the Sperry Boat Shoe is that aside from being comfortable it’s also fashionable. I’m sure there are plenty of tennis shoes that are nice to your feet after a long day of walking however, tennis shoes just aren’t that cute.  This brown leather boat shoe is much more versatile.

If you visit the website you’ll find many different styles to choose from but I think that the Bluefish 2-Eye Boat Shoe is you best bet if your main goal is comfort. The brown leather is a great look for jeans, khakis, skirts and so much more. Also, the neutral color is  much easier to accessorize with jewelry and scarves.

I own several pair of Sperry shoes and find that the cloth shoe isn’t nearly as comfortable as the leather for walking long distances. If you’re main desire is comfort without looking messy or frumpy than the Sperry boat shoe can help you achieve that goal.